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Historic Accomplishments

Accomplishments 2011-2012


  • Celebrating Queer Identities: Living Great, Being Terrific on Oct. 15. An all-day event in which Drs. Ellen Riggle and Sharon Rostosky shared their research, followed by breakout groups. Along with BVSSC, Out Boulder, CU GLBT Resource Center, PEN, PFLAG-Boulder, Boulder County Public Health/OASOS planned the event. Financial support from Boulder County Aging Services, Boulder County Commissioners, City of Boulder/ Human Relations Commission, PFLAG-Boulder, CU’s GLBTQ Resource Center, and CU’s Counseling and Psychological Services.
  • Co-sponsored Barbara Coloroso’s talk, “The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander” an event that PEN organized.
  • Co-sponsored the Safe Schools Convening, a state-wide, day-long event organized by One Colorado. BVSSC members presented workshop on youth inclusion programs and wrap-up talk.
  • Participated in a day-long retreat, Visioning for LGBTQ in Boulder County, which brought together 24 people from 15 agencies serving a variety of LGBTQ people in Boulder County. Organized by Boulder County Public Health and Out Boulder. Participated in follow-up subcommittees.
  • Attended Colorado Legacy Foundation’s safe schools committee
  • Reviewed CDE’s Equity Toolkit and provided input about incorporating LGBTQ content.
  • Acquired 501(c)3 status for Boulder County Safe Schools (BVSSC and SVSSC); quarterly meetings of Board; assured compliance with reporting requirements to maintain status.
  • Several members attend St. Vrain Valley Safe Schools Coalition meetings
  • Dialog with Boulder Life staff and other community groups about the organizational issues and post-viewing follow-up regarding the showing of the film Bully


  • “Guidelines Regarding The Support Of Students Who Are Transgender And Gender Nonconforming” added to the BVSD non-discrimination policy. http://www.bvsd.org/policies/Policies/AC-E3.pdf
  • Curriculum/alignment with new State standards:
    • Health: worked with Roy Holloway
    • Social Studies: worked with Ellen Miller-Brown (secondary) and Karen Daly (K-6)
    • Language Arts: worked with Angel Stobaugh
    • Language Arts: LGBTQ additions to approved reading
  • Equity Advisory Committee representative: Aicila Lewis
  • Board of Education:
    • acknowledgement of retiring members Helayne Jones and Ken Roberge
    • inquiry and expression of concern about into proposed ELL/literacy budget cuts and loss of positions at community meetings and in writing.
  • Participated in meeting with Dr. Messinger (facilitated by Bill de la Cruz) about inclusion
  • Interview Committees/standing member: Superintendent, University Hill Principal, Monarch HS AP/AD, Arapahoe Ridge HS AP, Creekside Principal, Casey MS AP, Pioneer Principal; arranged for Association for Community Living to attend interview for Ass’t. Dir. for Special Needs.
  • Ellen Miller-Brown as liaison was very supportive and offered us much useful information. Several meetings with Bruce Messinger, including at the beginning of the school year and at our annual retreat were also informative and started the process of knowing each other better.


  • Website: up-to-date, useful, dynamic, comprehensive
  • Brochure/stickers: redesigned, printed, and distributed widely
  • Heard from/responded to staff w/ coming out/school climate issues.
  • Self-education: Diversity Training with Kevin Correa from CU’s GLBTQ Resource Center.
  • Utilized “rapid response” mechanism for decisions between meetings.
  • Great communication through minutes and between meeting reports about what is happening
  • New members: Heather, Mauricio, Elle, and Betsy attended meetings and began to learn more about BVSSC
  • Jean nominated by Anne, received AARP recognition (nominated by Anne)

GSA/Diversity Student groups:

  • Tabled at Boulder County GSA Summit organized by Boulder County Public Health
  • Assisted at Safe Schools YLI
  • Chaperoned at spring dance organized by Monarch High School GSA and coordinated with First United Methodist Church in providing financial support


  • Fairview HS Multi-year Project: 3-hour staff training in August, check-in at October staff meeting; poster project in art class; school newspaper 4 page, pull-out section titled “Thriving Outside the Box”; Health Fair; student banner on how to make FHS more inclusive; “We Are Fairview Day” for students to become aware of community resources
  • Manhattan MS: Staff needs assessment and presentation on spectrum; planning w/ principal and Barb for Oct. assembly; approval for Language Arts and purchase of Luna; support for Allies group; collaboration w/ Out Boulder; tested ideas about how to approach bullying
  • Nevin Platt MS: Diversity Parent Leadership Team presentation; training with 360 and No Place for Hate students
  • Angevine: diversity club started by Lisa
  • After-school YMCA staff trained by Karen A. and Joel Baum from Gender Spectrum
  • Crestview: BVSSC brochure; asked principal to participate in interview about best practices in bullying prevention/intervention

Accomplishments 2010-2011

“Faces & Facets of Transgender Experience” DVD and discussion guide: premiered by PFLAG, shown to DLT, New Vista students, Fairview students (short version); added to BVSD MediaCAST.

Collaboration/events: Caitlin Ryan events/contribution $500, Lafayette Cesar Chavez Celebration; PEN luncheon contribution $200; Riggle and Rostosky event: Celebrating Queer Identities: Living Great, Being Terrific on Oct. 15, planning with Out Boulder, CU GLBT Resource Center, PEN, PFLAG-Boulder, Boulder County Public Health/OASOS.

Website: up-to-date, useful, dynamic, comprehensive

Transgender Guide for Schools & Parents: started/developed an initial approach.

GSA/Diversity Student groups: worked with Monarch HS Day of Silence t-shirts, Broomfield HS, Manhattan Allies, Louisville Middle Kaleidoscope; donated Celebrate Diversity pins to Broomfield High and Manhattan Middle, Manhattan Day of Silence all-school assembly, Boulder County GSA Summit

Schools: Fairview HS Multi-year Project: taught all 9 health sections/1 regular & 1 block class spring semester (meeting health curriculum objectives), planning 3 staff trainings, began planning with Parent Engagement Network (PEN) to work with parents; Manhattan MS; Creekside Elementary: planning to address issues raised by student/parents; New Vista HS – one week on trans

Language Arts/Libraries/Reading: My Princess Boy and Tango Makes Three to all elementary libraries/purchased by Boulder County Public Health; contact with Angel Stobaugh to recommend books for approved Language Arts list; offer to buy sets if teacher wants to use; working on getting a LGBT novel read in middles schools (starting with Manhattan).

Equity Advisory Committee representative: previously Kappy Hall, now Melissa Marsh

Youth Leadership Institute: cosponsored day at CU and assisted with tasks

Interview/Candidate Forums: Superintendent, Human Resources, Aspen Creek Principal, Aspen Creek AP, Eisenhower Principal, Director of Fine Arts, PE/Health, Nederland HS/MS AP, Monarch HS AP, Arapahoe Ridge HS AP, Centennial MS AP, Boulder HS AP

Heard from/responded to families w/ bullying/harassment/climate issues; working out process for how to handle these.

Self-education: CU Bystander training, Safe Schools Conference, Individual and Institutional Change Models

Incorporation/application for 501(c)3 status of Boulder County Safe Schools (BVSSC and SVSSC)

Chris King as liaison moved things forward, was very supportive, a good gatekeeper who connected us, Blog about Lesbian/Gay youth suicides, added BVSSC to interview teams.

Recruited 8 new members to join BVSSC



We launched an assessment of our stakeholders’ needs with funds from the Open Door Fund and the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado. A questionnaire was completed by 227 students, parents, and school personnel. Their responses served as the basis for focus group topics. The input has given us an assessment of our work and ideas about future directions.


We did trainings at two School and Society classes at CU; joined Andre Lanier, Executive Director of Equity, in trainings with new BVSD administrators, new teachers, and a college class for aspiring administrators; did 3-hour training with Uni-Hill staff; and educated a parent group at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Support for youth:

  • We participated in the Safe Schools Youth Leadership Conference, “Finding Voice”. Three BVSSC members led workshops and others helped with planning and logistics. Both the turnout and feedback were excellent.
  • We prepared to offer resources for youth to participate in a statewide GSA conference sponsored by GLSEN. Sadly, the conference was cancelled.

Consulting to BVSD:

  • Members sat on hiring committees for an elementary and a high school principal. This is an important venue for us to raise GLBTIQ-related issues and assure that they are part of the discussion when BVSD hires new administrators.
  • Based on an invitation from School Improvement Team members at an elementary school, BVSSC assisted in addressing gender expression and racial issues.
  • We and the Equity Office agreed on our role when complaints come directly to us. We forwarded several complaints to the Equity Office, which apprised us of its follow-up.
  • We supported the responses to racist graffiti and the Westbro Church visit at Boulder High School and wrote a letter to the Camera’s Open Forum praising the school’s response.
  • In response to the elimination of the Equity Office, we met with Chris King and Ellen Miller- Brown, have a member on the Equity Advisory Committee, and Chris King is now our liaison to the District.

Partnering with community groups:

  • We contributed some funding to PFLAG-Boulder for a video on transgender identity. The video will be used for education and training.
  • BVSSC sponsored an event in the Lafayette Cesar Chavez Celebration with Bent Lens Cinema and Out Boulder. We showed the film “Anyone and Everyone” in which diverse families share how parents responded when children revealed their sexual orientation. A discussion followed.
  • We provided placements for several Service Learning Students from CU.

Keeping current:

We learned more about issues of importance to BVSSC. Deann Bucher described the new Social Studies curriculum. Beverly Title spoke about bullying research and programs. Kelly Miller told us about BVSD’s Positive Behavior Support initiative. Members attended workshops on “queer pedagogy” and “needs of aging transgender people”.


A volunteer web guru made major improvements to our website.


We added several new members, including representatives from Out Boulder, Boulder County Public Health, CU Community Health, and Boulder County.


We edited “Everyone Counts” resource guide for the elementary, middle, and high school levels. They now exist in print, CD and on the BVSD website (BVSD staff only). Print and CD copies are available for sale.

Presentations/workshops: PFLAG regional conference in Sept. 2008, Creating Change (National conference of The Task Force) in Jan/Feb. 2009, and PFLAG regional safe schools training in Apr. 2009

Trainings: Arapahoe Ridge, Southern Hills Middle, Elementary and Secondary Counselors, Nurses and health room para-professionals, District Leadership Team, New Administrators, Catalyst school. Guest speakers in 6 courses at CU and 1 at UCD. MEACC/PEN/BVSSC did a collaborative training of Diversity Parent Leadership Teams from 6 elementary and middle schools. Altogether, we reached ~ 685 participants.

Training enhancements:

  • a "train-the-trainers" session where we debriefed past trainings and discussed how to make them better.
  • a system to plan the trainings (i.e., lead person, checklists for preparation and follow- up, etc.)
  • two portable files boxes with materials and supplies to take to all trainings, e.g. flash drives with Power Points, hand-outs, laminated posters, pens, tape, name tags, etc.

Consultations: We advised the District on several LGBTIQ issues that arose during the year. The District’s willingness to engage constructively in sometimes-difficult discussions led to very good outcomes for the youth and families involved, as well as for BVSD.

Financial support for students and staff to go to the PFLAG and Creating Change conferences; helped with the Safe Schools Youth Leadership Institute


We were busy!

Received three Grants from the Open Door Fund, the Brett Foundation and the Alexandra Fund

Trained eight school staffs at Peak to Peak, Horizons, Creekside, Louisville Middle, Eldorado K-8, Manhattan, High Peaks and BCSIS

Trained the Middle and HS Assistant Principals

Trained elementary, middle, and high school School Climate Liaisons (SCLs)

Held a GSA training for students and sponsors for BVSD and St. Vrain – 50 in attendance

Presented at a Parent Engagement Network meeting

Presented in University of Colorado EDUC 3013 education classes

Developed and printed a new BVSSC brochure along with a poster on which to display it

Developed and printed a GSA handbook

Developed a Web site with resources, articles, information

Bought and delivered the novel The Godbox to all middle and high school libraries

Revised Everyone Counts

Expanded our membership as well as our number of trainers.

Collaborated with MEACC and PEN



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