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Bullying and Suicide Prevention

Sins of the Fathers
by W. D. Ehrhart

If you have ever thought that bullying is a trivial thing, easily dismissed or overcome, something that has no real effects, something that doesn’t impact you, take a minute to read this:

Recently, interest in the problem of bullying and harassment of LGBT youth (and others) has increased dramatically. As a result, a spate of programs and resources have emerged, and many articles, blogs, etc. are addressing the problem of bullying. Given that this topic is so closely related to the work of BVSSC, we offer here a range of information and resources from a variety of sources. Please check out the "Resources and organizations" page for information of programs, organizations, and other resources that might prove informative and helpful if you are interested in bullying issues, and take a look at the "Articles, blogs, videos, etc." page for recent news articles, blogs, and other interesting commentaries on this issue.

“Bullying: What You Need to Know” infographics
This site provides a whole host of information on bullying, from how it’s defined to what we all can do about it. The many links within the site give lots of useful tips—in detail, so you can actually put the information to use. Infographics can be downloaded in pdf format and then printed and/or circulated as you wish.

Defining bullying down
By Emily Bazelon
New York Times
March 12, 2013
This is a really thought-provoking perspective on “bullying” that everyone who wants to address the problem of bullying should probably read. At least the cliff notes.

Bazelon’s primary argument is that the word “bullying” is being overused “expanding, accordion-like, to encompass both appalling violence or harassment and a few mean words.” This overuse trivializes serious forms of violence and harassment and makes the real—but limited—problem seem insurmountable.

Read more about this argument and Bazelon’s suggestions for how to deal with it here and here

For the full discussion, check out Bazelon’s book, "Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy"

Articles, blogs, videos, etc.

Resources and organizations dealing with bullying

Articles, Blogs, Videos, etc.


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