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Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Transgender, and Genderqueer

Recently, issues related to gender identity and expression, transgender identity, and the emerging identity of ‘genderqueer’ have received a great deal of attention in the lay and professional circles.

BVSSC has been deeply involved in these issues on a number of fronts, including co-sponsoring and participating in trans-related events, co-sponsoring the development of a documentary, “Faces and Facets of Transgender Experience,” and conducting a number of trainings related to gender identity/expression and transgender/genderqueer identities.

We decided to have a dedicated page for these topics simply because there is so much material available these days. Please enjoy surfing around the page, and please feel free to suggest additional material if you wish.

Definitions – What is gender, what do the terms mean?

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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Gender Spectrum have just released a new report on “Gender Expansive Youth” based on a survey of youth conducted by HRC. This report examines the experiences of respondents whose gender expressions expand our conventional understanding of gender, with the aim of providing adults with a better understanding of these youths. It also provides information and suggestions for adults wishing to increase their knowledge of and comfort with gender diversity.

Download the report at www.hrc.org/youth-gender or at www.genderspectrum.org/youth.



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Readings, Resources, and Videos

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